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All books by Gary Brady

Pastorals for Pastors: A reading plan with notes for Christian ministers
Gary Brady

Every pastor should get a copy of this book. You will not be disappointed. However, other people such as seminary students may also benefit from it; or perhaps someone reading through Paul’s pastoral letters could get this book and read…

Candle in the Wind
Gary Brady

I enjoyed everything about this book. It is a great read on an issue seldom addressed in recent years. Perhaps the absence of books (as well as preaching) on this subject is the reason why some evangelicals have a superficial…

The Great Ejection
Gary Brady

The Great EjectionGary BradyEP Books, 176 pages, £8.99ISBN: 978-0-85234-802-4Star Rating : 5Who governs the church, Jesus Christ or the state? In practical terms, what determines the doctrine and practice of the church? Is it the Bible or is it public…

What Jesus is doing now
Gary Brady

What Jesus is doing nowGary BradyEP Books224 pages£9.99ISBN: 978-0-852-34775-1Star rating : 4We often reflect on what Jesus did for our salvation in the past and look forward in hope to what he will do when he returns. However, we tend…

What the Bible Teaches About Being Born Again
Gary Brady

In many parts of the world today you will meet people who say they are born again Christians . Numerous individuals claim to be reborn or regenerate . Every so often, the media report that some celebrity or other has…

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