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All books by Graham Beynon

Surprised by the commandments
Graham Beynon

Graham Beynon confesses that he once considered the Ten Commandments ‘predictable, negative and irrelevant’ (p.xi). After preaching through them, however, he was surprised to discover an unexpected ‘depth and richness’ (p.xii). He dedicates one short chapter to each commandment, writing in…

Money Counts
Graham Beynon

There can be no doubt that we live in a society driven by money. Even Christians are not immune to the demands and temptations of wealth, which is occasionally fuelled by erroneous teaching. Sadly, many have fallen into the debt…

Heart Attitudes
Graham Beynon

Being a Christian is more than knowing truth and doing good – it involves having the right attitudes and desires within. The heart matters.  Graham Beynon’s purpose in this book is to allow the gospel to perform ‘open-heart surgery’ i.e.…

emotions – living life in colour
Graham Beynon

We love them. We hate them. But we certainly cannot ignore them. Emotions can be wonderful things we love or horrible things we hate - depending on how we're feeling at the time. Sometimes we feel at their mercy and…

Last Things First
Graham Beynon

The Bible teaches Christians to store up treasure in heaven, to wait faithfully for the return of their Master, to think of this world as temporary and passing, and to think of the world to come as their inheritance. Graham…

Mirror Mirror: Discover Your True Identity in Christ
Graham Beynon

Our identity or self-image is a bit like looking in a mirror. We see our reflection and make judgments about ourselves. However, the 'mirror' we use tends to be the world around us: how do I compare with others and…

[email protected]: Being a Disciple for Christ in the Workplace
Graham Beynon

We spend most of our day in some kind of work but how can we be a disciple in the workplace? What difference does being a Christian make? Does it change the way we interact in the office or factory…

Experiencing the Spirit
Graham Beynon

A few years ago the Holy Spirit was sometimes referred to as ‘the forgotten person of the Godhead’ – such was the neglect of his person and work. In more recent times this has changed through preaching and publications, not…

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