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All books by Ian McNaughton

Opening Up 1 John
Ian McNaughton

Ian McNaughton has done us a service in producing this short commentary. There is much truth concentrated here, but it is given in a clear and simple way. It is designed to help the ordinary Christian understand a book whose…

Getting to grips with prayer: Its realities, challenges and potential (Truth for All Time)
Ian McNaughton

Through the years I have read many books on prayer, but I don’t recall any having gripped me more than this book. It is a ‘must’ for every preacher and, indeed, the Lord’s people everywhere. It is well written, easy…

Opening Up Job
Ian McNaughton

This volume aims to provide a working introduction to the book of Job. Much thought has gone into this publication and its layout. The book of Job is of perennial importance, dealing as it does with difficult questions faced by…

The Real Lord’s Prayer
Ian McNaughton

The High-Priestly prayer of John 17 is one of the most wonderful and exciting portions in the whole of Scripture. As we read it, we 'intrude' on the monologue directed by God the Son to God the Father. Few of…

Darwin and Darwinism 150 Years Later: Biblical Faith and the Christian Worldview
Ian McNaughton

Whatever you think of Charles Darwin and his ideas, no one can doubt the influence this man has had upon the world of science and the public at large. We are all accustomed to hearing comments like, 'Darwin has proved…

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