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All books by John Calvin

John Calvin (1509–1564), trained initially as a lawyer, was a French theologian, pastor, and reformer in Geneva during the Protestant Reformation. He was a principal figure in the development of the system of Christian theology later called Calvinism. His Institutes of the Christian Religion and many biblical commentaries are still widely influential among Protestant Christians.

Crucified and Risen: Sermons on the death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ
John Calvin

This is no five star rating out of deference to the Reformer. This book is worth it all the way, for three reasons. Firstly, Calvin’s sermons are models of biblical masterclass, perhaps only equalled by Klaas Schilder’s twentieth century trilogy…

Grace Essentials
John Calvin

Christian Focus is to be commended for publishing a clear, concise and comprehensive compendium of John Calvin’s classic, The Institutes of the Christian religion. Systematic, biblical theology is presented in an accessible and appealing format. Using the ESV Bible text,…

A Guide to Christian Living
John Calvin

The Christian life, as Calvin describes it, is lived simultaneiously in the shadow of the cross and in the bright light of the resurrection. That the writer himself knew something of the cost of discipleship is clear from a consideration…

Sermons on Genesis: Chapters 1–11
John Calvin

A sermon serves a different purpose to a commentary. Herein find Calvin expositing the Word, exhorting God's people, and applying its truths to real life. But let the reader be warned — this volume contains lively preaching!

Songs of the Nativity: Selected Sermons on Luke 1 & 2
John Calvin

This is a fine volume, wonderfully produced, of a collection of fourteen sermons by John Calvin on Luke chapters 1 & 2, translated from French. All are careful treatments of the selected verses, with application as you go along, and…

365 Days with Calvin: A Collection of Daily Readings from the Writings of John Calvin
Michael Haykin

In these heart-warming pieces, drawn from his commentaries and sermons, Calvin brings us to Christ, the glorious Saviour of all his people.

Sermons on the Acts of the Apostles
Rob Roy Macgregor

Calvin pulls no punches. If belief does not end in an increasingly Christlike character, it is as good as no belief, no theology.

Sermons on the Beatitudes
John Calvin

This is a modern translation by Robert White of five sermons preached by Calvin in Geneva in 1560 covering Matthew 5:1-2, Mark 3:13-19 and Luke 6:12-26. The excellent introduction illuminates the historical and literary background and asserts that the Beatitudes…

A book that changed me: Institutes of the Christian Religion
John Calvin

In September 1982 I set about reading the Institutes in John T. McNeill's edition. A visit to L'Abri the previous year had introduced me to Reformed theology and I began reading Dr Lloyd-Jones and Puritan paperbacks. A friend obviously decided…

A book that changed me: Commentaries on the Book of the Prophet Daniel
John Calvin

John Calvin's Commentary of the Book of Daniel spoke to me as has no other book apart from the Bible. It was first published in Latin in 1561, and translated into English within a decade after Calvin had died. Then…

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