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All books by John Newton

John Newton (1725–1807) was an evangelical Anglican clergyman and abolitionist. He himself was enslaved in West Africa for three years, and, after being rescued, he experienced a dramatic conversion on the voyage back to England.

Wise Counsel: John Newton’s Letters to John Ryland, Jr
John Newton

The reader will discover afresh in these letters, not only mature and wise counsel, but a wholesome emphasis on true Christian experience, a great breadth of Christian sympathy, and a strong confidence in the power of the grace of God,…

Ministry on My Mind: John Newton on entering pastoral ministry
John Newton

There has been much discussion over recent years on the subject of the call to the ministry. One recent survey of Christian young men in the UK found that nearly a third of those questioned were confused as to what…

Letters of John Newton
Josiah Bull

It is the 200th anniversary of Newton's death – converted slave-trader, preacher, hymn-writer; one with an incredible grasp of Scripture and a deep experience of God's grace! This title also includes several letters never before published.

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