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All books by John Owen

John Owen (1616–1683) was an English Puritan church leader, theologian, and academic administrator at the University of Oxford.

Searching Our Hearts in Difficult Times
John Owen

It is difficult to do this book justice in a review – the only way to grasp how helpful it is will be to read it for yourself. John Owen has a reputation for writing in a style that is…

Gospel Church Government
John Owen

John Owen (1616-1683) is widely recognised as one of the greatest of all theologians. In a time when Britain was experiencing religious and political upheaval, he wrote carefully, biblically and extensively on a large number of subjects, including some that…

John Owen

This newest in the Puritan Paperback Series began as Owen's personal meditations on Romans 8:6, became a favourite book of William Wilberforce and now is encouraging others who feel overwhelmed by the power of worldliness.

Temptation: resisted and repulsed
John Owen

What is temptation? What does it mean to enter it? What two means of guarding against temptation did Jesus teach? Abridged and made easier to read by Richard Rushing, let this new Puritan Paperback introduce you to this famous Puritan…

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