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All books by John Stott

The Bible Speaks Today: New Testament (CD-ROM)
John Stott

The Bible speaks today (BST) series is a well-regarded set of commentaries produced by IVP and written by various authors under the editorial oversight of John Stott. The full set of BST New Testament commentaries (22 titles) is now available…

The Reformation: What You Need To Know And Why
John Stott

This small paperback from the Lausanne Movement is a work of two halves. First comes Michael Reeves’ introduction to the world-changing events of 500 years ago. The reader is led through Martin Luther’s protest against indulgences, his new understanding of…

The Living Church: Convictions of a Lifelong Pastor
John Stott

Written from the vantage point of a preacher in his 80s, here is a lucid, well-ordered and biblically grounded book about the church. It is typical John Stott – rich fare for the mind and soul. It comes warmly recommended…

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