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All books by Josh Moody

How the Bible Can Change Your Life: Answers to the Ten Most Common Questions about the Bible
Josh Moody

This book started as a series of sermons preached at Wheaton Chapel in which Pastor Moody aimed to answer questions about the Bible. I appreciated Moody’s aim in addressing these questions. His points were often fresh, illuminating and helpful. One…

How Church can change your Life
Josh Moody

Christians are perhaps more influenced by the consumer driven mentality of the world around us than we are prepared to admit. There are an increasing number of professing Christians who do not see any need to commit themselves to a…

The God-Centred Life: Insights from Jonathan Edwards for today
Josh Moody

This is an unusual book. Josh Moody (senior pastor at Trinity Baptist Church, New Haven, Connecticut) seeks to bring home to today's Christian what he believes are key lessons from the writings of Jonathan Edwards, the great eighteenth-century preacher and…

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