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All books by Louise Morse

Dementia from the Inside: A Doctor’s Personal Journey of Hope
Louise Morse

Are you likely to suffer from dementia? Good question. The unwelcome answer is ‘possibly’. The number of people with dementia in England and Wales is expected to rise to one million by 2021 and to two million by 2050. In…

What’s Age Got to Do with it?: Living out God’s purpose at all ages
Louise Morse

We are all familiar with ageist attitudes, remarks and jokes. We may even have smiled at them. They are generally thought to be acceptable rather than offensive, although remarks seen as sexist, racist, feminist, or against ‘British values’ may soon…

Dementia: Pathways to Hope
Louise Morse

The aim of this book is ‘to help give understanding and point out pathways of hope. And also to tell the stories of people who have found hope — and even joy — in lives touched by dementia’ (p.19). A…

Worshipping with Dementia: Meditations, Scriptures and Prayers for Sufferers and Carers
Louise Morse

A resource for sufferers and carers offering consolation and support in tough times.

Dementia: Frank and Linda’s Story — New Understanding, New Approaches, New Hope
Louise Morse

This book describes how a new understanding of dementia is leading to better care, helping to maintain the personality of the sufferer. It also offers practical, day to day advice from a hands-on perspective, using a narrative structure. It follows…

Could It Be Dementia? Losing your mind doesn’t mean losing your soul
Roger Hitchings

This book puts dementia into a Christian context, insisting that loss of memory or reason does not mean a person is worthless.

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