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All books by Michael Haykin

Being a Pastor: A conversation with Andrew Fuller
Michael Haykin

In their introduction, the authors express their concern regarding the effect of megachurch pastors and public perception of what makes a good minister. A principle stated at the beginning of the book is that we should learn from the example…

8 Women of Faith
Michael Haykin

This is a superb book by Professor Michael Haykin on eight Christian women selected from across the history of the Reformation and post-Reformation church. Each mini-biography is well researched, thoroughly referenced, and presented in an edifying and devotional way. To…

Pentecostal outpourings: revival and the Reformed tradition
Robert Davis Smart

There are Christians today who have little place for revival. Some focus on the most useful methods for reaching unbelievers with the gospel. Others concentrate on taking Christianity into the public square by promoting social justice or confronting aggressive secularisation.…

The Baptist story: from English sect to global movement
Nathan A. Finn

This is a catch-all introduction to its subject, with all the strengths and weaknesses of the genre. In this case, the strengths are more buttressed and the weaknesses less exaggerated, but all are present and correct. The three editors each…

How should we develop biblical friendship (Kindle Edition)
Michael Haykin

The aim of the authors is to answer this question by examining relationships described in the Scriptures and in church history. This booklet is a useful publication; its style and expression make it very accessible, although more emphasis could have…

Patrick of Ireland
Michael Haykin

Patrick of Ireland: his life and impactMichael A. G. HaykinChristian Focus Publications, 112 pages, £7.99ISBN: 978-1-78191-303-1Star rating : 4 Michael A.G. Haykin’s Patrick of Ireland: his life and impact is a brief but insightful biography of this Church Father. While…

Ardent Love for Jesus
Ardent Love for Jesus
Michael Haykin

Ardent Love for JesusMichael A G HaykinBryntirion Press160, £0.00ISBN: 978-1-85049-248-1Star Rating: 5 This book is a delight to read. With a rare combination of an American author writing about English Baptists and being inspired by a revival conference in Wales,…

Travel with Jonathan Edwards
Michael Haykin

Travel with Jonathan Edwards Michael HaykinDay One Publications 128 pages, £10.00 ISBN: 978-1-84625-390-4   This book covers a number of themes. It is a tourist guide; a summary of the Edwards era regarding revival and church history; a source of…

365 Days with Calvin: A Collection of Daily Readings from the Writings of John Calvin
Michael Haykin

In these heart-warming pieces, drawn from his commentaries and sermons, Calvin brings us to Christ, the glorious Saviour of all his people.

A Consuming Fire: The Piety of Alexander Whyte
Michael Haykin

This slender volume is one of a series of 'Profiles in Reformed spirituality' and contains a 16-page biographical sketch of Alexander Whyte (1836–1921) followed by 27 selections from his writings. Whyte was a minister in the Free Church of Scotland…

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