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All books by Paul E. Brown

Church life — Its nature, privileges, demands and blessings
Paul E. Brown

‘Whose church is it? How should it then order itself?’ We live in days when ‘God’s / Christ’s’, and, ‘according to the Scriptures’ are sadly not always the answers given, at least in practice. The view of the church as…

Jesus: the hidden years
Paul E. Brown

The four Gospels tell us little about the Lord Jesus’ life prior to the beginning of his public ministry. These 30 years of near-silence have elicited much speculation about the ‘hidden years’ of Jesus. There is, for example, the apocryphal…

Judah – From a sinful man to the saving Messiah
Paul E. Brown

This book is the second in a series dealing with different characters in the Bible. In the introduction, the author makes the point that, although there isn’t a great deal about Judah in the Bible, his name appears there frequently.…

Christian Marriage
Paul E. Brown

Christian MarriagePaul E. BrownGrace Publications128, £5.99ISBN: 978-1-91013-705-5Star Rating: 5I have now reviewed several good books for ET but this is the first one I felt merited the "outstanding" accolade.  It may be just a short volume but it contains excellent biblical…

Ernest Kevan
Paul E. Brown

What makes an effective leader? Ernest Kevan certainly fitted into that category, but he did not have the charismatic personality that is so often associated with success in this sphere. What he did have was the ability to influence. His…

Homosexuality: Christian Truth and Love
Paul E. Brown

This excellent volume is a substantially revised edition of a book first published in 1998 under the title Homosexuality: The Straight Agenda. This new edition begins with an excellent introduction that paints the landscape facing us on this issue in…

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