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All books by Paul Washer

Ten Indictments Against the Modern Church
Paul Washer

The ‘Author’s Prayer’ sets the tone: ‘Let the truth go forward. Let men be changed’ (p.viii). The directness in the prayer is replicated in the exposition. The author is a voice crying to recall the church to its true mission.…

The Gospel of Jesus Christ
Paul Washer

Following earlier publications by Washer on the gospel, this booklet is worth reading. Here he directs his focus to unbelievers. He thoroughly explains the gospel, starting with God and describing succinctly his character. He then deals with humanity and something…

Gospel assurance & warnings
Paul Washer

Gospel assurances and warnings Paul WasherReformation Heritage Books252 pages, £11.89ISBN: 978-1601782946Star Rating : 4 Some books have enticing titles and eye-catching covers, only for the content to be disappointing. This book is the opposite; the nondescript cover and title belie…

The Gospel’s Power & Message
Paul Washer

The gospel’s power and messagePaul WasherReformation Heritage Books, 274 pages, £12.05ISBN: 978-1-60178-195-6Star rating : 5 This book is a most helpful contribution to Christianity. Seldom has such essential, solid theology been so readable. Washer likens the gospel message to the…

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