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All books by Philip Eveson

Psalms Vol. 1: From Suffering to Glory (Welwyn Commentary Series)
Philip Eveson

This commentary from Philip Eveson, in the Welwyn Commentary Series, begins with a ten-page introduction, briefly touching on psalm headings (part of the Hebrew text); the division of the Psalter into five books; different types of psalm (praise, prayer, thanksgiving,…

WCS – Psalms: from suffering to glory Vol2 73-150
Philip Eveson

There is something special about the Book of Psalms, and this also goes for good commentaries on it. Psalms contribute uniquely to Christian prayer, worship and praise. They also contribute uniquely to the New Testament’s explanation of the gospel of…

Bitesize Biography – Matthew Henry
Philip Eveson

Bitesize Biography — Matthew Henry Philip H. Eveson EP Books, 128 pages, £5.99 ISBN: 978-0-85234-799-7 Star Rating : 4 I was glad to read this book, because Matthew Henry’s commentary on the whole Bible has been a favourite resource for…

The Beauty of Holiness: The book Leviticus simply explained (Welwyn Commentary Series)
Philip Eveson

Many Christians setting out to read through the Bible get stuck in Leviticus. I was once asked by a lecturer just starting to teach in Bible college if I could recommend a way to teach Leviticus. The enquirer wanted to…

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