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All books by Richard D. Phillips

The God of Creation
Richard D. Phillips

Writing clearly and concisely, Richard Phillips explains how a correct view of God informs a correct reading of Genesis. He shows how liberal, non-literal views of the creation account are inadmissible if careful hermeneutic principles are followed. The book summarises…

Ephesians — a Mentor expository commentary
Richard D. Phillips

Commentaries come in many sizes and formats, from the highly technical and exegetical to those of a more devotional character. This one falls into the category of expository reflections on the text of Ephesians and is one of the latest…

Zeal for Godliness
Stephen J. Nichols

Zeal for godliness Carl Trueman at al EP Books 272 pages £14.99 ISBN: 978-0-85234-758-4 Star rating : 4 This book is a delight, in its production and cover design, and especially in its contents. It consists of 253 readings from…

The death of the Saviour
Richard D. Phillips

At the heart of the Christian faith is the simple truth, yet profound mystery, that 'Christ died for our sins'. According to the Apostle Paul, Christ dying in our place is the truth of 'first importance' in the gospel, apart…

Hebrews (Reformed Expository Commentary)
Richard D. Phillips

This third 'Reformed Expository Commentary' has four aims common to the series, namely, to be biblical, doctrinal, redemptive-historical and practical. I hope that doesn't put you off, because this exposition of Hebrews is also highly readable! It consists, in fact,…

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