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All books by Richard Sibbes

The Love of Christ
Richard Sibbes

The Puritan John Dod wrote that this book is ‘so full of heavenly treasure, and such lively expressions of the invaluable riches of the love of Christ’ that it kindles ‘in the heart all heavenly affections unto Jesus Christ’. Indeed…

Josiah’s Reformation
Richard Sibbes

Richard Sibbes always sought to get under the superficial layer of his listeners' behaviour and deal with their hearts. He knew that the outward acts of sin spring from the inner desires of the heart. Merely to alter a person's…

The Works of Richard Sibbes (ed. by Alexander B. Grosart)
Richard Sibbes

This reprinting of the complete seven-volume set of the writings of 'the heavenly Doctor Sibbes' is a notable event for all who have an appetite for helpful and faithful biblical preaching in the Puritan mould.

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