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All books by Terence Peter Crosby

CH Spurgeon Forgotten Public Lectures: Forgotten early articles, sermons and public lectures
Terence Peter Crosby

Where do you start when reviewing C. H. Spurgeon? And is it permissible to rate the ‘Prince of Preachers’ at anything but five stars? Perhaps the key factor in assessing this collection is to decide on the intended readership. Everything…

C H Spurgeon’s Forgotten Prayer Meeting Addresses
Terence Peter Crosby

Spurgeon's magazine, The Sword and the Trowel, provided the material for various collections of his addresses and writings compiled after his death in 1892. Among these was Only a Prayer Meeting, published in 1901 and containing forty prayer meeting addresses…

C. H. Spurgeon’s Forgotten Early Sermons
Terence Peter Crosby

Lovers of Spurgeon's preaching have always had a special affection for the sermons of his New Park Street years, with their youthful vibrancy and freshness, but, when compared with their more numerous Metropolitan Tabernacle successors, a far lower percentage of…

365 Days with Spurgeon
Terence Peter Crosby

True pearls of biblical wisdom from the archive of Spurgeon's sermons.

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