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All books by Warren Wiersbe

The Cross of Jesus: How Christ understood his crucifixion
Warren Wiersbe

Warren Wiersbe was primarily known for his work in radio ministry, and published a large number of books rooted in evangelical, biblical truth. A striking feature of The Cross of Jesus is its basic, straightforward approach to the centrality of the cross…

Stand — putting on the full armour of God
Warren Wiersbe

Like most books by this author, we have here a readable and concise description of the armour available to the everyday believer in his daily combat with the enemy of our souls. From the start, we see Wiersbe’s characteristically alliterated…

Little Book of Big Words
Warren Wiersbe

Warren Wiersbe is well known to the evangelical public, partly through his popular series of ‘BE Commentaries’. He has gained a reputation for accurate, simple and practical expositions of every book of the Bible. Here, he turns his gift for…

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