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The Bible Speaks Today: New Testament (CD-ROM)
John Stott

The Bible speaks today (BST) series is a well-regarded set of commentaries produced by IVP and written by various authors under the editorial oversight of John Stott. The full set of BST New Testament commentaries (22 titles) is now available…

OA Preaching & Facing Tough Questions (CD)
Open Air Mission

Available directly from the Open Air Mission website, these two CDs address open air evangelism. There can be little doubt of the validity of open air preaching. Scripture and history both bear witness to it and the Lord has blessed…

Steadfast in Your Word (CD)

This is a collection of 13 hymns, sung by Northern Irish Free Presbyterian choirs, to commemorate and reaffirm the truth of justification by faith alone. It has been part of the 500th year anniversary celebration of the start of the…

Christians We Should Know (MP3)
Christians We Should Know (MP3)
Don Stephens

Someone has said that if we know nothing about what has happened before we were born then we are destined to live a life of ignorance. In other words, the past helps us to understand the present. And this is…

growing up… growing wise @ home

A resource to help parents teach their children about God’s design for puberty, relationships, marriage, sexual intimacy and having children.

Growing Up…Growing Wise
Chris Richards

“Growing up…Growing wise” is designed to teach children about the nature and purpose of the changes of puberty, to help them deal with these changes in a practical way and to encourage them to make wise decisions as they develop…