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All reviews from 01 january 2022

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How to Live an ‘In Christ’ Life: 100 devotional readings on union with Christ
Kenneth Berding

This book is a spiritual tonic! If your spiritual life has become dry, and you have lost sight of the wonder of being ‘in Christ’, this is the book for you. The author begins by addressing the question of what…

‘Here are your gods!’ Faithful discipleship in idolatrous times
Christopher Wright

‘Here are your gods!’ was written in the aftermath of three events that left Chris Wright angry and depressed: the Brexit vote and the elections of Donald Trump and Boris Johnson. Part One explores perceptively the subject of idolatry. Wright elucidates…

Sanctification: Transformed Life
David Campbell

Is it possible to adequately cover the enormous doctrine of sanctification in just over 100 pages? Having read this slim volume I must reply unequivocally, ‘Yes.’ The book begins with a most helpful brief introduction explaining the book’s subtitle, Transformed…

Men and Women in the Church: A short, biblical, practical introduction
Kevin DeYoung

In his introduction, Kevin DeYoung says, ‘I have often wished for a book… that explained the Bible’s teaching about men and women in the church in a way that the interested layperson could understand, that is a size that he…

The Child is Father of the Man: C. H. Spurgeon
Tom Nettles

I wonder of how many preachers it can sadly be said, ‘He’s not the man that he was,’ and it’s not because he’s gone grey, put on weight, or lost ground physically or mentally. It’s because his convictions have changed…