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All reviews from 08 august 2021

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Swift and Beautiful – The amazing stories of faithful missionaries
David B. Calhoun

‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news’ (Romans 10:15, NIV) concludes each of the ten chapters of this book, which takes its title from the Frances Ridley Havergal hymn ‘Take My Life’. Swift and Beautiful is a…

Rogues in Royal Robes – Exploring the lives of some Old Testament kings and the times in which they lived
A. J. Monty White

The Bible is without parallel in its uncompromising, three-dimensional, warts-and-all portraits of its patriarchs, kings, and prophets. Sadly, the histories the kings of Israel and Judah hold little interest for many Christians, apart from those of David, Solomon, and a…

Out of the Smoke

Out of the Smoke fills a big gap in the market for really exciting Christian literature for children. With a fast-paced, refreshingly unpredictable plot, it is an engrossing story that will capture its readers. The book is accurate history, depicting the…

10 Dead Guys You Should Know: Standing on the shoulders of giants
Ian J. Maddock

Here is a readable, interesting, and encouraging introduction to ten men of God who confessed Christ faithfully in their own times, leaving a heritage of blessing for others. This book, by God’s grace, will prolong that blessing. Skilfully and accessibly,…

The Necessity of Reforming the Church with A Reply to Cardinal Sadoleto
John Calvin

This well-produced volume from the publishing arm of Ligonier Ministries contains new English translations of two works of John Calvin. The first, from 1544, is Calvin’s explanation to Emperor Charles V and the Roman Catholic political leaders of Germany of…

Devoted to God’s Church – Core values for Christian fellowship
Sinclair B. Ferguson

Do you know anyone who struggles to see the purpose and value of the local church? This excellent little book is for them. The Covid-19 pandemic has eroded church attendance far and wide, so a book highlighting the worth, joys,…