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All reviews from 2001

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A book that changed me: The Sovereignty of God
A. W. Pink

Under God, I owe almost everything to rural Methodism. I was brought up in a home where godly parents talked to each other about Methodist ministers, local preachers and circuit plans! My father, an evangelical local preacher, took me to…

A book that changed me: Spiritual Depression – its causes and cure
D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

When I interviewed Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones on local television on 24 May 1973 I asked him which of his many books he considered to be the best. He felt that his series on Romans was his most important but said…

A book that changed me: Martin Luther – selections from his writings
Martin Luther

This odd little book still occupies an honoured position on my bookshelves after over thirty years. ‘Little’ refers to its 4 by 7 inch format. It is not short, being almost 1.5 inches thick! I was an unsaved young man…

A book that changed me: Spurgeon – a biography
Arnold A. Dallimore

Many Christians could write about one particular book that, under God, converted them to Christ. Many Christian ministers could write about one particular book that, under God, called them into the pastoral ministry. However, it was chiefly good preaching during…

A book that changed me: Institutes of the Christian Religion
John Calvin

In September 1982 I set about reading the Institutes in John T. McNeill's edition. A visit to L'Abri the previous year had introduced me to Reformed theology and I began reading Dr Lloyd-Jones and Puritan paperbacks. A friend obviously decided…