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All reviews from April 2007

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Bold as a lion
Peter Gentry

An early death at the age of thirty-six in 1755 deprived John Cennick of the renown enjoyed by the other great preachers of the Evangelical Revival. He is relatively little known apart from a few of his 750 hymns, such…

Jesus himself; the story of the resurrection
Marcus Loane

Always appreciating the writings of Marcus Loane, I anticipated this small volume with not a little relish. But, expecting vintage Loane, I was sorry to be disappointed. Perhaps I should have been more prepared, for the author himself says in…

Apocalypto and the Bible

Mel Gibson's film Apocalypto will introduce cinema audiences on both sides of the Atlantic to the ancient apostasy that flourished after the global flood. I am not suggesting that Gibson is aware of this. He has made a violent and…