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All reviews from August 2007

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This Immoral Trade: Slavery in the 21st century
John Marks

Slavery remains rampant worldwide, despite the celebrations surrounding the bicentenary of its abolition in Britain. At least 27m men, women and children are enslaved today, ranging from prostitutes in London to indentured workers in Burma. This popularly written, but carefully…

Travel with William Cowper
Paul Williams

Recently I happened to visit both Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire and East Dereham in Norfolk – the birth and burial places respectively of that troubled yet trusting soul, William Cowper. These towns mark the beginning and the end of this travel…

Can We Rock the Gospel? Rock music’s impact of worship and evangelism
John Blanchard

The authors who have collaborated in writing this book have both previously written on the same subject - John Blanchard in Pop goes the gospel (1983) and Dan Lucarini in Why I left the contemporary Christian music movement (2002). The…

To the Ends of the Earth: The Globalization of Christianity
Kenneth Hylson-Smith

Kenneth Hylson-Smith refuses to accept the current widely held view that the Christian churches have been in decline for the last three hundred years. God's funeral, he asserts, is not immanent. Tracing the story of the global spread of Christianity…

The Epistles of John
Joel Beeke

In this rich, practical exposition of the Epistles of John, Joel Beeke brings out the message of John's letters in their historical context as well as their timeless truths that are as applicable today as when John first wrote them.…

The Complete Gathered Gold
John Blanchard

Solomon said, 'A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver' (Proverbs 25:11). John Blanchard has obviously been searching for that kind of gold - and by the looks of this book has met with considerable…

Glory Days: Living the whole of your life for Jesus
Julian Hardyman

Christians often split their lives into two clear and distinct sections - the secular and the sacred. The sacred is whatever pertains to their faith (church, Bible reading, prayer etc.) while the secular takes up everything else (work, leisure etc.).…

Love Your Muslim Neighbour: Understanding Islam in today’s world
Edward Challen

Economic and political realities have brought a mission field to our doorstep in the UK. We have to live with the resulting security threat, but those who are confident of God's sovereignty can see the situation as a gospel opportunity.…