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All reviews from August 2015

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Jonathan Edwards for the Church
Jonathan Edwards for the Church
William M. Schweitzer

Jonathan Edwards for the Church William Schweitzer (Editor) EP Books 310, £12.99 ISBN: 978-1-78397-116-9 Star Rating: 0 Jonathan Edwards has long been recognised as a towering intellectual genius. His works have attracted the attention in the worlds of philosophy and…

‘For their rock is not as our rock’
Daniel Strange

This excellent book (published under the Apollos imprint) begins with an autographical chapter, ‘in the spirit and on the shoulders of J. H. Bavinck’. This is followed by a copy of a speech from Max Muller, delivered before the British…

The Works of John Knox – Vol 1-6
John Knox

‘Few individuals in history have had their names so closely linked to the history of their nation, as John Knox’s name is inextricably linked to his native country. Scotland is still often described as “The land of John Knox”.’ This…

Bound for the Promised Land (NSBT)
Oren R. Martin

This book (Apollos imprint) shows the Bible’s amazing unity and excites the reader concerning the way in which God fulfils his purposes. The ‘land promise’ to Abraham has induced bizarre interpretations over the centuries. While dispensationalists emphasise the literal land…

The Song of Songs (Tyndale OT Comm)
Iain M. Duguid

This useful book is published in the Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries series. The contributors to this series maintain that, ‘The Old Testament remains the Word of God for us today’. The Bible is examined section by section and explained under…

Atheism – what everyone needs to know
Michael Ruse

Michael Ruse is a well known philosopher, currently at Florida State University. He writes that his book is ‘one that tries to lay out dispassionately the issues surrounding atheism, the arguments against it and the arguments for it, its critics…

Teaching of the Torah
Kent Dobson

Beware of the title! This book is essentially identical to the NIV first-century study Bible, albeit containing only the first five books of Scripture. The full NIV translation of the Pentateuch is included, along with a page-by-page commentary. Other features…

NIV First-Century Study Bible
Kent Dobson

The market for study Bibles is a crowded one, but this is a unique entry. Its subheading is ‘Explore Scripture in its Jewish and early Christian context’. The general editor, Kent Dobson, spent years studying in Jerusalem (he now pastors…

The Trinitarian Devotion of John Owen
Sinclair B. Ferguson

In just 140 pages, John Owen is presented in a dynamic and readable way by Sinclair Ferguson. What more could you want? This volume comes in an attractive, hard-backed, pocket format. Subject and Bible reference indexes, as well as a…

Amy Carmichael – Beauty for Ashes
Iain H. Murray

This is a brief, heart-warming and balanced biography of a great woman of God. Her enormous love and firm resolve remain an inspiration to the church worldwide.  Even before reaching India Amy demonstrated her resolve to serve Christ on the…

Confident: why we can trust the bible
Michael Ovey

This short but readable book aims to do exactly what it says ‘on the can’: help believers to be confident in God’s Word, the Bible. A chief benefit of this, the two writers rightly say, will be to help us…

Christ, the Cross and the Concrete Jungle
John Caldwell

It might have been expected that this young man would spend much of his adult life behind bars. Instead he encountered Christ and his life was transformed. Violence, domestic abuse and alcohol were the norm in his dysfunctional family life.…