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All reviews from December 2012

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Below me, the clouds
Ron Collard

Climbing through solid cloud and breaking into a new world of sunshine and dazzling blue sky has been my delightful experience on numerous occasions. My life has been like that: living through clouds of war, fear, illness, disappointment, heart-ache, anxiety,…

Who is the Real Jesus?
H. Dermot McDonald

This compelling book presents the Biblical teaching on Jesus Christ as both human and divine. That the Word of God became flesh is at the heart of Christianity and clearly taught in the New Testament. Other religions acknowledge Jesus as…

Atheism’s New Clothes
David H. Glass

n recent years, the publication of best-selling books by Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens has given rise to the New Atheism. For the New Atheists, belief in God is a delusion because it is based on…

Lady Jane Grey
Simonetta Carr

Although she ruled England for less than two weeks, Lady Jane Grey has been admired for generations for her courage and faithfulness to the gospel—even though she was executed for treason at the age of sixteen. In this addition to…