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All reviews from December 2016

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A Survey of Church History Part 5 (DVD)
W. Robert Godfrey

W. Robert Godfrey is president and professor of church history at Westminster Theological Seminary, California. He here provides an informative, insightful and interesting series of twelve lectures on 1800-1900. Although produced primarily for an American audience, there is much that…

One Man & One Woman
Paul Smalley

This little book makes a compelling biblical case for heterosexual marriage over against same-sex unions. It is a theologically robust response to the sexual obsession and gender confusion of contemporary Western society. The book comes from a US Reformed church…

Creation Points – Genesis 1-11
Andy McIntosh

Christians stand in debt to Andy McIntosh and his friends who labour so effectively in the battle for the truth of creationism. In this book, the battle lines are drawn between Christians who stand for biblical inerrancy and those Christians…

Wonderful! Blythswood People share stories of God’s faithfulness
E. Irene Howat

Here are 13 miracles of grace, which in time have led to so much good. It is a most apt title! This book commemorates 50 years of gospel and Christian witness, first started in Glasgow and then spreading to European,…