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All reviews from December 2020

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Christ Victorious: Selected Writings of Hugh Martin
Hugh Martin

Hugh Martin (1822–1885) was one of those 19th century Scottish theologians whose published works have stood the test of time. With good reason, for his works are consistently sound, reverent, edifying, and challenging to mind and heart. This is a…

God is Always Better Than We Can Imagine: 31 Meditations on the Greatness of God
Iain Wright

This is a very encouraging book. It is written as 31 daily meditations to help readers ‘magnify the Lord’. The theme is clearly developed in every chapter: God is always better than we can imagine, for however much we see…

Survival Tips for Mums: Practical ideas for thriving in the early years of motherhood
Elizabeth El Mostain

This is a great little book for anyone about to become a mum or in the first few years of motherhood. It’s honest about the challenges, but full of gentle, practical advice in the face of them. The first half…

In God’s Company: Christian Giants of Business
Peter Lupson

Never again will I be able to clean my teeth, drink Tropicana, or spread jam on my toast without thinking of this book, in which seven born-again entrepreneurs are revealed in painstakingly-researched detail. There are heart-moving details of God-ordained romances…