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All reviews from December 2021

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A Holy Minister: The life and spiritual legacy of Robert Murray M’Cheyne
Jordan Stone

During his life and after his early death, Robert Murray M’Cheyne (1813-43) was a legend in Scotland and beyond. His life was like a comet, brilliant and captivating. Jordan Stone divides this new biography into three parts: ‘A Life of…

The Legendary Casey Jones and other American Folktales
Geoffrey Thomas

This is a colourful collection of ten American folktales, each one told in rich detail and followed by a short message about Jesus Christ. For example, the first story, ‘Beware of the Words, Smiles and Frowns of Men’, is about…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year: Christian enlightenment and encouragement for a special season
Timothy Cross

This is an excellent book which does what it says: it encourages Christians for both Christmas and the New Year. There are 30 chapters, each four to five pages long: 15 on the theme of Christ’s birth and 15 for…