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All reviews from February 2021

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The Last Valley: A story of God’s grace in terminal illness
Graham Heaps

In touching detail, Graham Heaps reflects on the terminal illness and subsequent death of his late wife Sue in 2015. It is by no means an enjoyable read, but it bears splendid testimony to the goodness and grace of God…

Out of the Black Shadows
Stephen Lungu

In this superbly written and compelling book, Anne Coomes artfully tells the story of Stephen Lungu. It is an explosive story of God’s power at work in the darkest of situations. I challenge you to read it and remain unconvinced…

To Seek and to Save: Daily reflections on the road to the cross
Sinclair B. Ferguson

I enjoyed and benefited from this little book, which is both beautifully written and challenging. It is a series of meditations for Lent on events in Luke’s Gospel, from Peter’s confession at Caesarea Philippi, to the resurrection of Jesus. The…

David’s Son and David’s Lord: Christology for Christ’s people
Ryan McGraw

How much do Christians study Christ himself? Christology is a greatly neglected subject for the Lord’s people. Perhaps we’ve shied away from it, having heard discussions about the difference between Greek words like homoousios and homoiousios that made our eyes…

Reformation Reboot: The need of the 21st century church
Paul Yeulett

Many would agree that the state of much of evangelicalism is a cause of mourning and seeking the Lord. Paul Yeulett shares this view. His book is based on sermons preached at Grove Chapel in 2017, and it speaks in…

Hallelujah! Exploring and enjoying the Old Testament benedictions
Stan K. Evers

This delightful devotional study takes us on a walk through the Old Testament benedictions, from the earliest days when men began to call upon the name of the Lord. Historical insights are given to help readers understand better what prompted…