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All reviews from January 2012

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What to look for in a pastor
Brian Biedebach

Finding the right pastor is critical in the life of a church. But most churches rely on the inexperienced and sometimes blinded pulpit committees, which often gamble with the selection of their candidates because they usually don’t have a clear…

Conduct Gospel-Centered Funerals
Phil A. Newton

Our calling as ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ is to make Christ central in all we do. Yet, in many funeral occasions, the gospel of Jesus Christ is lamentably overlooked as the primary purpose of the funeral service…

John Knox and the Reformation
Iain H. Murray

It is the duty of all Christians to remember those faithful men from whom they heard the gospel of Christ. For those of Scottish descent no Christian leader deserves more to be remembered than John Knox. Born in Haddington around…

John MacArthur – Servant of the Word and Flock
Iain H. Murray

Through more than forty years, John MacArthur has opened and taught the Word of God in one local congregation, Grace Community Church, Los Angeles. Consequences have followed which no one anticipated, and which the preacher attributes to 'the sovereign hand…

John Stott – A portrait by his friends
Chris Wright

Thirty-five of John's friends open their hearts and share memories of a unique man, creating an art gallery of very personal portraits by friends and colleagues from around the globe. From 'Wumby Dumby', the special uncle and godfather, to the…

Everyday Church – mission by being good neighbours
Tim Chester

ET COMMENT: As reported in the March 2020 ET, Steve Timmis has been removed as the chief executive of the Acts 29 church-planting network and he has stepped down as an elder of The Crowded House church. This follows reports…

Mark Time – The Book (4 CD set)
Gerard Chrispin

Mark’s Gospel has always been a good starting point either for people who are searching for God, or for those who have become Christians and who want a good grounding in the gospel and teaching of Jesus. It is the…