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All reviews from July 2013

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Not so secret
Graham Orr

Not so secret Graham Orr IVP 160, £8.99 ISBN: 978-1-84474-591-3 Star Rating: 3 Graham Orr worked for a number of years in Japan with OMF before moving to Northern Ireland, where he now trains church members and missionaries in evangelism.…

Old, but not out!
James Taylor

Old but not out! James TaylorDay One, 108 pages, £6.00ISBN: 978-1-84625-306-5   This is a short but encouraging book for Christians who have reached the later part of life. It is especially relevant to those who have reached retirement from…

A Puritan Theology
Mark Jones

A Puritan Theology Joel Beeke & Mark Jones Reformation Heritage Books 1056, £60.00 ISBN: 978-1-60178-166-6 Star Rating: 5 Stimulating, dynamic and exciting! These are worthy words to describe this new title on the Puritans. It is an original contribution, because…

Grace Transforming
Philip Graham Ryken

Grace transforming Phil Ryken IVP, 128 pages, £7.99 ISBN: 978-1-84474-606-4   One of the encouraging trends in recent years has been the number of books on the greatness of God’s grace in the gospel. I am personally grateful for this,…

God is impassible and impassioned
Rob Lister

God is impassible and impassioned Rob ListerIVP Apollos, 288 pages, £16.99, ISBN: 978-1-84474-601-9Star Rating : 5  This is an important book because the question of God’s impassibility touches on so many other theological issues, not least the understanding of God…

Same-sex marriage: is it really the same?
Mark Christopher

Same-sex marriage: is it really the same?  Mark ChristopherDay One, 123 pages, £6.00ISBN: 978-1846251634 Star Rating: 3   This book is a mine of information about this current, controversial topic, and an eye-opener for those who see only what the…

Debating same-sex marriage
Maggie Gallagher

Debating same-sex marriage John Corvino and Maggie Gallagher Oxford University Press, 294 pages, £10.99, ISBN: 978-0199756315 Star Rating : 3   This book, published in the US, has a simple format. John Corvino (gay professor of philosophy) argues the case…