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All reviews from July 2016

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The Face of Jesus Christ
Archibald G. Brown

In the introduction, the publisher states, ‘It is hoped that young preachers will be here helped to see the kind of preaching that has led so many to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ’. We were made aware of a…

You can pray
Tim Chester

Do you struggle to pray? Does your mind go blank as soon as you begin to pray? Often our personal experiences can be so negative, but this book is very positive about prayer — as the title suggests, ‘You can…

Jonathan Edwards and the Psalms
David P. Barshinger

If you are interested in preaching or the theology of Jonathan Edwards, biblical exegesis or the Psalms, then this book will interest you. It is well researched and well written. The author arranges his material around seven key topics in…

The Whole of Life for Christ
Mark Greene

Comprised of seven Bible studies, this book explores real discipleship. Each aspect is presented as affecting the whole of the disciple’s life. There is a whole-life gospel, whole-life wisdom, whole-life purpose, and so on, through fruitfulness, mission, hope and worship.…

The Bible – an authentic book
Brian H. Edwards

This book is mainly an apologetic for the Bible itself. Edwards previously co-authored the large, glossy, coffee table book, Evidence for the Bible. This smaller book is good value for money. Its approach is pastoral and there is little overlap…

Martyn Lloyd-Jones – his life and relevance for 21st century
Christopher Catherwood

There are those whose eyes would roll in exasperation at the title of this volume. Shouldn’t we be confronting today’s challenges instead of looking back to a man who died 35 years ago? Such a response would be unwarranted. Indeed,…

Vine Journal (Issue 2)
Tony Payne

This journal replaces The Briefing, which has now ceased publication. Its aim is to stimulate thought on biblical and theological issues and encourage practical application of the same. Each issue comprises six essays by contemporary Christian leaders, each 2,000-5,000 words…

Fight the Good Fight
John Broom

John Broom was commissioned by the Bible Society to undertake research on the First World War and the importance of the Bible in war. He is currently researching for a PhD on ‘Connections between the Second World War and Christian…

Seven words from Calvary
Timothy Cross

The back cover endorses this book as a masterclass in opening up the Saviour’s words from the cross. It is also claimed to be a valuable study, which will better our understanding of our salvation. Seeing it is offered as…

A Sad Departure
David J. Randall

Written by a former Church of Scotland minister, this is an account of the secession of 40 ministers from that church due to the acceptance of homosexuality in its ordained ministry. It is graciously written and far from triumphalist. It…

The Passionate Preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Steven J. Lawson

Here is the latest in ‘The Long Line of Godly Men Profiles’ by the series editor. The series seeks to explore how key historical figures have been used by God to influence their generation and further Christ’s work. The quotation…

The New Bible Hymn-Book
Henry Waters

This work is a labour of love, compiled by Dr Waters over many years. The underlying idea is brilliant. The book consists of a selection of hymns, each connected with a particular passage or verse of Scripture, arranged in biblical…