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All reviews from July 2019

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The Message of Discipleship: Authentic Followers Of Jesus In Today’s World (Bible Speaks Today Themes)
Peter Morden

Discipleship is a vast theme, including virtually the whole life of the believer. The author is surely right when he rejects the idea of there being two classes of Christian, the believer and the disciple. We are all called to…

Take Care of Yourself: Survive and Thrive in Christian Ministry (Lausanne Library)
Pablo Martinez

Whilst primarily aimed at those in full-time ministry, this book would be worth reading to help you understand the battles of those in ministry. It will fuel your prayers for them and show how you might be able to encourage…

Breaking the Silence on Child Abuse
Robert Stevens

As a boarder in a cathedral school, Robert Stevens was abused by several of the masters. In this book he gives a very brief account, without explicit detail, of what happened. It was then some decades before he began to…

The Preacher’s Catechism
Lewis Allen

Lewis Allen has evidently thought long and hard about the nature of the Christian ministry. The result is The Preacher’s Catechism, a collection of 43 questions and answers which bring essential truths to the preacher’s heart. Loosely following the structure…

Evolution and the Christian Faith. Theistic evolution in the light of scripture (Creation Points)
Philip Bell

The creation / evolution debate still rages, and many Christians believe it is both scientifically untenable and scripturally naïve to accept a literal account of the beginning of Genesis. Some even charge creationists with pushing a teaching that is a…

Theistic Evolution: A Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Critique
Wayne Grudem

We live in a day when strenuous efforts are being made to persuade evangelicals to rewrite their theology to accommodate the evolutionary theory of origins.  Books advocating the harmony of Christianity and evolution by scientists such as Francis Collins  and…