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All reviews from July 2021

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Bone of Contention
Sylvia Baker

In this introduction to the creation/evolution debate, Sylvia Baker explains how she became a creationist as a biology undergraduate because of the lack of evidence for evolution. She covers the development of evolution, fossils, genetics, the age of the earth,…

Not Uninformed: Sure and certain hope for death and dying
Eryl Davies

Have you ever found it hard to bring up the subject of death? Maybe you know someone who has a terminal illness, or a friend who has suicidal thoughts? Let’s highlight some key chapters of this book so you can…

Opening Up 1 John
Ian McNaughton

Ian McNaughton has done us a service in producing this short commentary. There is much truth concentrated here, but it is given in a clear and simple way. It is designed to help the ordinary Christian understand a book whose…

Hope in Hard Times: Ninety biblical meditations to strengthen the heart
Mostyn Roberts

This book was written day by day through the first Covid lockdown. Each page is like a pastoral visit, with a biblical meditation to encourage the reader. There are some books you are glad to have for the sake of…

Free at Last
Asia Bibi with Anne-Isabelle Tollet

Asia Bibi will be a name familiar to many Christians who followed the news stories of this Pakistani woman who was sentenced to death for blasphemy and insulting the Prophet Mohammed. This book was written with French journalist Anne-Isabelle Tollet,…

Flawless: Looking for stardom, finding Jesus
Victoria Kulczycka

It’s rare in these days to see someone coming to Christ ‘from out of the world’. But Victoria Kulczycka’s testimony of her conversion in 2011 is a welcome proof of God’s power to save whomever, whenever, and however he chooses.…