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All reviews from June 2016

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The Banner of Truth magazine August -September 2015 issue (with Iain Murray article on Scotland)

It is difficult for modern readers to grasp the impact of the first issues of The Banner of Truth magazine, when it was published in a Britain almost bereft of Reformed truth. This anniversary issue assures us of the relevance…

Burial or Cremation for Christians?
Adrian V. W. Freer

Adrian Freer helpfully discusses the question of whether Christians should be buried or cremated. The subject is rarely raised, giving the impression that it is purely a matter of personal preference. While there are no explicit biblical commands or prohibitions,…

Insects of the Bible
Tom H. Ratcliffe

The author of this edifying little volume is a decades-long entomology enthusiast. Taking nine types of insects, he aims to set out ‘their spiritual significance, as they appear in the Word of God’. A readable style, coupled with colour illustrations…

Dementia: Pathways to Hope
Louise Morse

The aim of this book is ‘to help give understanding and point out pathways of hope. And also to tell the stories of people who have found hope — and even joy — in lives touched by dementia’ (p.19). A…

Whispers of Hope – finding perspective post adoption
Twila Miles

Six years ago, Jeff and Twila Miles adopted a 12-year-old boy from Ukraine, called Carl, and took him to America. Carl had lived for several years in an orphanage, having been abandoned by his birth parents, who were drug addicts.…

Inventing the Universe
Alister McGrath

Valkyrie: the plot to kill Hitler
Philipp von Boeselager

The plethora of books about the Second World War, and especially Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime in Germany, is indicative of an ongoing fascination with this subject, from both modern readers and authors. Far too many of these books,…