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All reviews from June 2020

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A Tender Lion: The Life, Ministry, And Message Of J. C. Ryle
Bennett Rogers

This substantial hardback purports to be the first intellectual biography of J. C. Ryle. While it traces a rough chronology of his life, it is primarily a study of the thought, writings, and ministerial activities of ‘the most popular and…

Facing Snarls and Scowls: Preaching through hostility, apathy, and adversity in church revitalization
Brian Croft

This book is all about preaching through hostility, apathy, and adversity while trying to help the church regain its vision and focus. It’s written with the North American church in mind, but it will be useful to every pastor who…

The Lord’s Supper: Answers to common questions
Keith Mathison

The book accomplishes exactly what it says on the cover. Although short, it is by no means shallow. Its chapters are punchy yet weighty, and the style of writing is both accessible and engaging. Written from a Reformed Presbyterian position,…

If I Could Speak: Letters from the Womb
Mark Jones

Abortion statistics for the UK are eye-watering and outrageous. There are about 220,000 abortions per year. That is 25 every hour, of every day. At least one baby will have been murdered in the time taken to read this short…

Pray Big: Learn to Pray Like an Apostle
Alistair Begg

Of the making of books on prayer there seems to be no end. That fact probably reflects the need that almost of all of us feel for more help in this vitally important area of our Christian lives The problem,…