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All reviews from March 2013

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Love Wins: At the Heart of Life’s Big Questions
Rob Bell

Now in paperback, Rob Bell’s Sunday Times Bestselling Love Wins is the world’s most talked-about modern Christian book. Creating controversy and discussion, Love Wins gets to the heart of questions about life and death.

Malachi: A Prophet in Times of Despair
Baruch Maoz

Malachi: A Prophet in Times of Despair connects the plight of the people returning from Babylon with challenges facing modern Christians, indicating the biblical hope and call to selfless obedience. In non-technical language, Baruch Maoz surveys the circumstances of the…

Evangelicals and Culture
Doreen M. Rosman

Rosman challenges contemporary and modern accusations of anti-intellectualism, philistinism, and asceticism from commentators and historians about nineteenth-century evangelicalism. Although there were evangelical Christians at the time who dismissed worldly exploits as vanity, there was a strong and consistent evangelical presence…

The Reformation Experience
Eric Ives

The Reformation Experience: Living through the turbulent 16th century Eric Ives Lion 320 pages, £9.99 ISBN 978-0-7459-5277-2 Star rating: 3 stars   The ‘turbulent’ in the sub-title of this book might well be applied to those recent historians whose debates…

A Passionate Faith
Richard Turnbull

"Evangelical" is a badge, a line in the sand, a term of abuse, a much-overworked word. What are the key markers of the evangelical faith? How did the movement come into being, and how is it changing? What is its…

A new name
Emma Scrivener

The face of anorexia is not a glossy model in a perfume ad. It's a starving animal, circling the empty cupboards, blank-eyed and vacant. It's a face frozen in a rictus grin, mouthing lies. 'I'm fine,' it says. 'Everything is…

Pure Joy – Rediscover your conscience
Christopher Ash

Conscience is the Cinderella of the contemporary world. We hardly speak or think about our conscience. She is left behind while we get on with the party of life, untroubled by any serious self-examination. And yet conscience is a God-given…

emotions – living life in colour
Graham Beynon

We love them. We hate them. But we certainly cannot ignore them. Emotions can be wonderful things we love or horrible things we hate - depending on how we're feeling at the time. Sometimes we feel at their mercy and…

A Mouth Full of Fire
Andrew G. Shead

In the book of Jeremiah, the vocabulary of 'word' and 'words' is not only uniquely prevalent, but formulae marking divine speech also play an unprecedented role in giving the book's final form its narrative and theological shape. Indeed, 'the word…

Godly Ambition: John Stott and the Evangelical Movement
Alister Chapman

British theologian John Stott was one of the most influential leaders of the evangelical movement during the second half of the twentieth century. Called the pope of evangelicalism by many, he helped to shape a global religious movement that grew…