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All reviews from March 2015

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Antinomianism – Reformed Theology’s unwelcome guest?
Antinomianism – Reformed Theology’s unwelcome guest?
Mark Jones

Antinomianism - Reformed Theology's unwelcome guest? Mark Jones P&R publishing 172, £12.99 ISBN: 978-1596388154 Star Rating: 0 This book is timely, incisive, warm and well researched. My initial impression in reading through these nine chapters is that my was soul…

The Truth about Racism
Philip Asante

I found this book hard to review. This was not because I disagreed with the arguments of the author, but simply because of the book’s highly emotive subject matter. While I agreed with much of what was written, there were…

Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones & Evangelicals in Wales
Eryl Davies

Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones & Evangelicals in Wales Dr Eryl Davies Bryntirion Press 442, £14.99 ISBN: 978-1-78397-056-8 Star Rating: 4 Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ influence on evangelicalism in Wales did not wane when he moved from the 'Land of his Fathers' to…

The Blessed and Boundless God
George Swinnock

My interest in reviewing this book was enhanced by a comment from a reviewer on the back cover, who contrasted its brevity with Stephen Charnock’s tome The existence and attributes of God, through which I am slowly reading. I decided…

The Gospel in the Marketplace of Ideas
Paul Conan

What is the significance of Paul’s famous address to the Athenian philosophers in Acts 17? One of Paul’s biggest blunders? Or rather a blueprint for successful, cross-cultural ministry in a multi-cultural world? A teacher of philosophy (Copan) and a teacher…

American Apocalypse
Matthew Avery Sutton

This book reviews the history of evangelicalism in America from the turn of the nineteenth century to today. It outlines its evolution from radical evangelism, through the fundamentalism of the 1920s, to the evangelicalism of modern times. Its particular emphasis…

Confessing the Faith
Chad van Dixhoorn

This companion volume for readers of the Westminster Confession of Faith (WCF) is heartily welcomed. Chad Van Dixhoorn is a renowned expert on the minutes and papers of the Westminster Assembly, and is an ordained minister and church practitioner. He…

First Wives’ Club
Clare Heath-Whyte

Why would we want to read about the lives of sixteenth-century wives? One good reason is that, although living in a completely different world to ours, they had the same human nature, strengths, challenges and frailties as we do. We…

Christian Marriage
Paul E. Brown

Christian MarriagePaul E. BrownGrace Publications128, £5.99ISBN: 978-1-91013-705-5Star Rating: 5I have now reviewed several good books for ET but this is the first one I felt merited the "outstanding" accolade.  It may be just a short volume but it contains excellent biblical…

John Knox – Fearless Faith
Steven J. Lawson

After the fanfare given by many respected reviewers, I was expecting the biography of the decade! To be fair, while this book did not reach such giddy heights, it certainly was a well-crafted and excellent introduction to the life of…

Why are you here?
John Blanchard

It cannot be often that Kim Kardashian, Karl Popper and King Solomon are all quoted in the same book. Nonetheless, these three are among the 800-plus references in John Blanchard’s new exploration of the old philosophical question, ‘Why are we…

Salt, Light and Cities on Hills
Melvin Tinker

This book, subtitled ‘Evangelism, social action and the church: how do they relate to each other?’, is a useful discussion of the relationship between evangelism and social action. After a brief historical overview, the author moves on to the apparent…

Remembered mercies recorded
George Rose

This is a beautiful book, redolent of Christ and breathing that rare candour and humility which in spiritual autobiography we associate with such works as Augustine’s Confessions or the diaries of Kenneth A. MacRae. It is a riveting read, steeped with…

George Műller
Joan Ripley Smith

This is a further addition to the excellent ‘Bitesize Biographies’ series and a good introduction to George Műller. The later years of Műller’s life are well known to many through his work with orphans in Bristol. However, many will be…