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All reviews from March 2016

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Healing and Healers Today
Jim Thompson

It is a sad fact that discussions in recent decades about the place of miraculous gifts have generated much more heat than light. Writers on both sides have complained that critics neglect to understand their position. Each side has, at…

Candle in the Wind
Gary Brady

I enjoyed everything about this book. It is a great read on an issue seldom addressed in recent years. Perhaps the absence of books (as well as preaching) on this subject is the reason why some evangelicals have a superficial…

Held in honor: wisdom for your marriage from voices of the past
Robert L. Plummer

There are many books on marriage for Christians. You may wonder whether this or that one will really help your own marriage or someone else’s. However, this book is a gem and can be confidently given to any married or…

Christian’s pocket guide to sin
Iain D. Campbell

This is a much-needed book on the subject, sensitively handled by a trustworthy guide. It is for the serious seeker after truth and for those who want to find their feet in Bible teaching. We are given several reasons why…

Christian’s pocket guide to suffering
Brian H. Cosby

Brian Cosby’s short volume does what it says on the cover, providing a brief summary of the Bible’s teaching on suffering and pain. Much information is packed into a small number of pages, all of it from a sound, God-centred theological position.…

The Letters of John Berridge of Everton
Nigel Pibworth

Among the many preachers used by God during the thrilling days of the eighteenth century revival in Great Britain, John Berridge has been somewhat overlooked. The compiler of these letters attributes it to Berridge’s devotion to itinerant preaching, which left…

Andrew Murray – Christ’s anointed minister to South Africa
Vance Christie

Andrew Murray (1828-1917) was born in South Africa, but sent to Aberdeen, Scotland, for much of his education. Later, he went to Holland to study for the ministry. He was then commissioned to go to South Africa and initially sent…

A Lost God in a Lost World
Melvin Tinker

This book does not simply call the faithful back to church attendance; much more is at stake. The concern is that society and the church are in danger of losing touch with the true God of the Bible. In a…

Baptist foundations: church government in an anti-institutional age
Mark Dever

This volume is a spirited study and defence of a robust and well defined church polity (authority structures and government) from Baptist convictions. It is substantial, thorough and academic in timbre. Nonetheless, it is both enjoyable and profitable. An array…