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All reviews from May 2007

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Caught in the Web: Life a a Christian in the days of Bloody Queen Mary
Faith Cook

This is another excellent book from Faith Cook. Revolving around the life and faith of the young Lady Jane Grey, it follows the story of a fictitious character called Hal living in this turbulent Tudor period of English history. Many…

The God-Centred Life: Insights from Jonathan Edwards for today
Josh Moody

This is an unusual book. Josh Moody (senior pastor at Trinity Baptist Church, New Haven, Connecticut) seeks to bring home to today's Christian what he believes are key lessons from the writings of Jonathan Edwards, the great eighteenth-century preacher and…

Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from its Cultural Captivity
Nancy Pearcey

Why is Christianity so severely marginalised in our society today? Where has our 'true for you but not for me' culture sprung from? What has relegated the Christian faith to a purely private sphere of relevance? Total Truth by Nancy…