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All reviews from May 2020

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The Lost Message of Paul: Why has the Church misunderstood the Apostle Paul?
Steve Chalke

Steve Chalke’s latest book is well-written and engaging, full of quotes from Scripture, theologians, creeds, and church history. And that’s what makes it so dangerous for evangelicals. He argues that mainstream Protestant Christianity has seriously misread the Apostle Paul. What…

This Book Changed Everything — Volume 1: The Bible’s amazing impact on our world
Vishal Mangalwadi

This volume is the first part of a planned trilogy by Vishal Mangalwadi, who has been described as India’s foremost Christian intellectual. Volume 2 will cover how the Bible changed our ideas of human person, rationality, and education, and Volume…

Athanasius of Alexandria: His Life and Impact (The Early Church Fathers)
Peter Barnes

Athanasius, bishop of Alexandria in Egypt, was a key figure in early church history. During the fourth century he defended the deity of Christ boldly in the face of widespread Arianism. Peter Barnes, an Australian pastor and church history lecturer,…

Rowland Hill – The second Whitefield
Tim Shenton

‘There are three men, who are the most powerful preachers that England has ever produced, and yet only two of them [Whitefield and Spurgeon] are well known.’ As its opening words imply (p.7), this book’s aim is to present the…

A Certain Sound
Scott Smith

Written from a thoroughly Reformed perspective, A Certain Sound is designed to introduce the reader to open air preaching. Ryan Denton and Scott Smith chart the biblical mandate for this vital work and God’s use of this method of gospel…

FILM REVIEW: Matthew Henry — The life and times of the Bible commentator
Dan Pugh

Although the name of Matthew Henry has become synonymous with the whole-Bible commentary which he authored in the early 18th century, there is also much to learn from his remarkable life and the tumultuous times through which he lived. This…