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All reviews from May 2021

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Willing but Weak: Fighting to put self-control at the heart of Christian discipleship
Paul Williams

I guess most of us, if we are really honest, would admit that we struggle with self-control. Here is a book that tackles the issue in a clear and forthright way. It is a small volume, which might superficially suggest…

Tough Issues, True Hope: A concise journey through Christian ethics
Luke H. Davis.

Luke H. Davis teaches ethics at a Christian high school in the American Midwest, and has written an easy-to-read, conversational book covering the major areas of Christian ethics. It is aimed at high school students and young people, both Christians…

The Cross of Jesus: How Christ understood his crucifixion
Warren Wiersbe

Warren Wiersbe was primarily known for his work in radio ministry, and published a large number of books rooted in evangelical, biblical truth. A striking feature of The Cross of Jesus is its basic, straightforward approach to the centrality of the cross…

The Way of Life: Christian belief and experience
Charles Hodge

The aim of this book is to promote holiness, and the author’s view is that ‘the exhibition of the truth is the best means of promoting holiness’ (p.5). Thus he sets out in the first chapter to demonstrate that the…

Our chief of days
Jeremy Walker

This little book does exactly what it says on the cover! Steering a balanced course between legalism on one side and casual indifference on the other, the author sets out the case for keeping the Lord’s day special. Its three…

Departures: Poems and meditations on the Book of Exodus
P. D. Gray

Departures is a devotional book, but one with a difference. It consists of 40 chapters, each corresponding to a chapter in the book of Exodus. P. D. Gray recommends that the reader should read carefully and reflect deeply on each chapter…