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All reviews from November 2014

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Worshipping with Calvin
Terry L. Johnson

Worshipping with Calvin Terry L. JohnsonEP Books, 434 pages, £14.99ISBN: 978-0-85234-936-6Star Rating : 5 The question of how a church worships God in public services is one which has been debated vigorously in recent years. This book is an important…

Fruitfulness on the Frontline
Mark Greene

Fruitfulness on the frontline Mark Greene, IVP, 208 pages, £8.99ISBN: 978-1783591251Star Rating : 3 Perhaps due to the modern English idiom, I struggled to easily get into this book. However, once overcoming that, I began to appreciate the purpose of…

Gospel assurance & warnings
Paul Washer

Gospel assurances and warnings Paul WasherReformation Heritage Books252 pages, £11.89ISBN: 978-1601782946Star Rating : 4 Some books have enticing titles and eye-catching covers, only for the content to be disappointing. This book is the opposite; the nondescript cover and title belie…

The wondrous cross
Iain D. Campbell

The wondrous cross Iain D. CampbellEP Books, 60 pages, £4.99ISBN: 978-1-78397-002-5Star Rating : 4 Nothing should thrill the heart of the Christian more than hearing of the cross of Jesus Christ. Without the cross we have no love of God…

Bitesize Biography – Joseph Addison Alexander
Allan Harman

Joseph Addison Alexander is not so well known as his contemporaries Charles Hodge and Robert L. Dabney, but this book provides a basic introduction to his life and ministry. The introductory chapters to this Bitesize Biography give useful background to…

Evangelical Holiness
Iain H. Murray

Evangelical holiness, and other addresses Iain H. MurrayBanner of Truth178 pages, £6.00ISBN: 978-1-84871-319-2Star Rating : 5 An author as influential as Iain Murray always deserves a hearing. Few would argue with Geoff Thomas’s commendation on the back cover, ‘All that…

Finishing our course with joy
J. I. Packer

Finishing our course with joy, ageing with hope J. I. PackerIVP, 106 pages, £6.33ISBN: 978-1-78359-089-6Star Rating : 4 This is a timely book, given that a recent survey polled seven out of ten people as no longer considering the prospect…