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All reviews from November 2017

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WCS – Hebrews: The Name High over All
Richard Brooks

The letter to the Hebrews is a part of Scripture particularly rich in devotional subject matter. It is fitting, then, that this recent commentary in the Welwyn Commentary Series is warmly devotional in its style. In equal measure, it is…

Death in Adam, Life in Christ
John V. Fesko

In the 500th year since the onset of the Reformation, this book is timely. Its focus is on one particular aspect of the doctrine of justification by grace through faith, namely the concept of imputed righteousness. The title encapsulates this…

Looking for Love
Joanne Gilcrist

Joanne Gilchrist has worked with Youth With A Mission in New Zealand and is now involved in youth work in England, particularly mentoring young women. Joanne clearly loves the Lord and has a high view of marriage. This book is…

What the Bible really says about The Days of Creation
Simon Turpin

In this small booklet, Simon Turpin (general manager and speaker for Answers in Genesis UK) sets out in simple terms some answers to common questions about Genesis 1-9. He gently shows the connection from Genesis to our need of Jesus…

Bible Studies – Work.Life – Finding purpose in your everyday
Tim Yearsley

This is a helpful series of eight studies aimed at small groups. It lays out biblical principles and encourages a God-honouring attitude towards work. It would probably be best used with university student groups or a church’s men’s group, though…

How shall they hear?
John Mollitt

This is a moving account of the life and ministry of a faithful preacher living in a rural context. John Mollitt speaks of his early days when he first preached to his twin brother. He outlines his conversion and call…

The Decalogue
David L. Baker

There are few sections of Holy Scripture that have received more attention than the Ten Commandments. What else could be written to add to the available resources? But, having read this volume, I humbly suggest it is a valuable addition…

Confronting Porn
Paula Hall

There is nothing new about sexual temptation. There have always been adulterers at large, seeking to lure their prey into sin. But since the advent of printed media, photographic imaging and film, adultery or fornication has appeared increasingly in print…