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All reviews from October 2007

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John Wyclif
G. R. Evans

A hero of the Reformation.' 'The translator of the first Bible in English.' 'A father of modern-day evangelicalism.' 'One of the greatest Englishmen who ever lived.' John Wyclif has been called all these things, yet how close are such claims…

How to Run Children’s Clubs and Meetings: Practical suggestions for people in youth ministry
Steven Walker

An eye-catching title - such an important area in church life today – but less than eye-catching content, I'm afraid. This book aims to encourage those who are new to this area or who are already involved but want to…

Jesus Himself: The Story of the Resurrection
Marcus Loane

In his foreword, Sir Marcus Loane, writes 'The wonder and glory of the resurrection are far greater than we can ever conceive.' Rich devotional meditations on the resurrection of Christ that are the result of a well-loved and life-long pilgrimage,…

Beyond Amazing Grace
Todd Murray

This book includes numerous stories from Newton's life, as well as insights into the cultural, historical, and theological contexts in which he ministered. It is a compilation taken from Newton's letters, which offers profound, compassionate counsel; his sermons, filled with…

Can We Be Good Without God? (booklet)
John Blanchard

One of the things that distinguishes humankind from every other species on earth is that we have a moral dimension. A moral law seems to be programmed into our psychological software and our awareness of it is triggered by the…

The Church’s Ruling Elders: Their History, Warrant and Work
The Church’s Ruling Elders: Their History, Warrant and Work
George Hutton

This book is written for the ordinary church member and gives a most helpful overview of the office and functions of the ruling elder. Its brief chapters, straightforward style and consistent reference to Scripture helps in this aim. As its…

Teenagers! What Every Parent Has to Know
Rob Parsons

Author of the highly successful Sixty Minute series Rob Parsons turns his attention to that very difficult period of adolescence – the teenage years. He explains how to cope with this often disruptive period in a family's life and how…

Overcoming Spiritual Depression
Arie Elshout

This book has been translated from the Dutch by the author's son, Bartel. Taking Elijah's post-Carmel experience as his framework, Elshout explores the roots, nature and treatment of discouragement, burnout and spiritual depression. Often he works directly from 1 Kings…

Letters of John Newton
Josiah Bull

It is the 200th anniversary of Newton's death – converted slave-trader, preacher, hymn-writer; one with an incredible grasp of Scripture and a deep experience of God's grace! This title also includes several letters never before published.