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All reviews from October 2016

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Preparation for Ministry
Allan Harman

A great little book on a vital subject. It comes in two halves. The first contains the author’s own thoughts on the subject, comprising seven pithy but structured chapters covering the basics for an introduction to a life of ministry.…

Knowing Christ
Mark Jones

Shortly after becoming a Christian, Mark Jones read J. I. Packer’s Knowing God. This book made a profound impact on him, and Knowing Christ is something of a follow-up to Packer’s classic. Packer himself writes an enthusiastic foreword to the…

From the Pen of Pastor Paul – 1-2 Thessalonians
Daniel R. Hyde

I found this book personally helpful. Although accessible to all Christians, it reminded me of what lies at the heart of a pastor’s work. The author explains how its content is taken from sermons preached to his church from Paul’s two…

Opening up Deuteronomy
Andrew Thomson

For someone surveying the books that comprise our Bible, wondering which to read, or for a preacher deciding which to preach, Deuteronomy would not be an immediate choice. But it is in the Bible and, according to Paul, is ‘useful’…

Intentional – Evangelism that takes people to Jesus
Paul Williams

This is a short, punchy book about evangelism. The author is vicar of a conservative, evangelical Anglican church. You can quickly tell he isn’t someone holed up in a study who never talks to unbelievers. It is practical, realistic and…

Records of Grace in Sutherland
Donald Munro

Sutherland: I’m sure everyone reading this is familiar with the location. In case you are an exception, Sutherland is a county in the far north of Scotland with, uniquely, eastern, western and northern coastlines. The author of this book, Rev.…

Sweetly set on God – piety of David Brainerd
Dustin W. Benge

This handy little book is an introduction to David Brainerd (1718-1747), pioneer missionary to the native Americans. It is part of a book series sketching out the lives and ministries of divines in the Puritan tradition, stretching from the sixteenth…

Portraits of Faith
Joel Beeke

It can be difficult to fully comprehend biblical concepts such as ‘grace’, ‘faith’ and ‘hope’. In his student years Dr Beeke had been challenged to consider the meaning of ‘faith’. After 50 hours’ hard work, he still felt his efforts…

Jewels from John Newton
Miller Ferrie

I feel indebted to Miller Ferrie. You might do too by the end of this review. Why? Because she has carefully, thoughtfully and prayerfully compiled a series of daily readings, drawn from the works of that trophy of grace, John…

What the Bible teaches about The Trinity
Stuart Olyott

The Trinity is not a niche subject only for keen Christians; we all need to know what the Bible teaches about the Trinity, because we all need to know God. As Stuart Olyott explains in this helpful little book, ‘A…

What the Bible teaches about The Person of Christ
Stuart Olyott

This book has three main sections, each considering an aspect of the person of Christ and each linked to one title in the Saviour’s name, the ‘Lord Jesus Christ’. In the first, he is ‘Lord’. Here the doctrine of Christ’s…

God’s not dead 2
Harold Cronk

This new release from Pure Flix, directed by Harold Cronk, is a very watchable courtroom drama, with high production values and excellent acting. With great skill, a number of themes have been woven together, in order to provide what is…