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All reviews from October 2019

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The majesty of God in the midst of innocent suffering — the message of Job
Walter C. Kaiser

Walter Kaiser Jr is a distinguished Old Testament scholar with a high view of Scripture. The Majesty of God is a systematic and fairly detailed study of the book of Job, but Dr Kaiser whets our appetite at the very…

When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment
Ryan T. Anderson

The aim of the book is to sombrely discuss the transgender phenomenon from a medical and psychological perspective and to delve into public policy issues. In those aims, it succeeds admirably. The greatest caveat for a UK readership would be…

Can science explain every thing?
John C. Lennox

Faced on all sides with the world’s assumption that it isn’t intellectually respectable to believe the Bible, we prize men like John Lennox, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford and the scourge of Richard Dawkins and atheists…

Scotland Ablaze—The twenty-year fire of revival that swept Scotland 1858-79
Tom Lennie

This is a truly incredible book. The well documented research would indicate that many hours have been spent in preparing and writing it. I think every literate believer should read it, especially those who are Scottish. It’s a detailed reference…

30-day devotional – Romans 5-8
John R. W. Stott

My hopes were high: a much-loved author on much-loved chapters. But I was disappointed. First, because of the book’s brevity. Each of its 30 daily readings is compressed into two small pages, with room for only a fleeting half-thought which…