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All reviews from October 2021

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None Else: 31 meditations on God’s character and attributes
Joel Beeke

Meditating upon God through his Word is essential for developing a deep walk with him. The Bible is not just a book about facts and historical happenings. It reveals to its reader the person of God: who he is and…

Brownlow North: His life and work
K. Moody Stuart

Brownlow North was an outstanding 19th century evangelist, but he is sadly almost forgotten today, when the lessons of his life are needed. Born into the landed aristocracy, his father was a clergyman in the Church of England. Brownlow was…

A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Eastern Orthodox Theology: An evangelical perspective
Panagiotis Kantartzis

For centuries, Orthodoxy had little impact in the West, but following the expulsion of leading theologians from Russia by the Bolsheviks and the rapid growth of population mobility and communications, this has changed. However, most Western Christians consider that Orthodoxy…

Jesus in Jerusalem: Prelude to the cross
Robert Bashford

This is a most helpful and informative book in which, from all four Gospels, Robert Bashford examines the last week of Jesus’s ministry in Jerusalem. In a useful introduction, he suggests a chronological timetable and deals convincingly with the alleged…

Thomas Chalmers: The chief Scottish man of his time
John W. Keddie

What do you know about Thomas Chalmers? Have you even heard of him? If not, this booklet gives an opportunity to learn about the life and work of a man who was a leader in 19th century Scottish church life,…