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All reviews from September 2007

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Mad, Bad or Sad? A Christian approach to antisocial behaviour and mental disorder
Nigel Pocock

Are the mentally disordered responsible for their actions? This book examines the interface between mental health and Christian belief as these relate to antisocial behaviour.

Sennacherib: Encountering Assyria’s Great and Terrifying Ruler (Face2Face series))
Clive Anderson

Sennacherib was once a name to send a chill down spines, yet today, relatively few have heard of him, and even fewer know much about him. Lord Byron immortalized one part of his life in a poem, but there was…

Discovering Christ in All the Scriptures
Discovering Christ in All the Scriptures
Donald Fortner

An easy to read introduction to the Bible from a Sovereign grace and evangelical perspective. This book demonstrates how the Lord Jesus Christ can be found by type, symbol and prophecy in every book of the Bible – Old Testament…

Africa Bible Commentary: A One-Volume Commentary Written by 70 African Scholars
Tokunboh Adeyemo

The Africa Bible Commentary is a unique publishing event-the first one-volume Bible commentary produced in Africa by African theologians to meet the needs of African pastors, students, and lay leaders. Interpreting and applying the Bible in the light of African…

People in the Passion of Jesus
Roger Ellsworth

This book is short, very readable, helpful and stimulating. It is written for both believers and unbelievers. The purpose for believers is to say, 'Look at this! Such a Saviour! Such a cost! Do you not want to do better…

Travel with Robert Murray McCheyne
Derek Prime

Robert Murray McCheyne (1814–43), one of evangelicalism's most august figures, died suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 29. His public ministry was condensed into an eight year period - beginning with his first sermon on 1 July 1835 and…

Mystery at Ardfuar and other stories for girls
Ruth Burke

This is a book of four stories for girls - each one complete in itself but all having the same central character, a girl called Amy. Though hardly action-packed and full of adventure, they are well written and maintain interest.…