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All reviews from September 2013

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The Road to Canterbury – Archbishop Justin Welby
Andrew Atherstone

Archbishop Justin Welby — the road to CanterburyAndrew AtherstoneDarton, Longman and Todd, 152 pages, £7.99 ISBN: 9780232529944Star rating : 3 Well, it’s all here — or nearly so! For those curious to know where Justin Welby really does stand theologically, Andrew…

The Gospel’s Power & Message
Paul Washer

The gospel’s power and messagePaul WasherReformation Heritage Books, 274 pages, £12.05ISBN: 978-1-60178-195-6Star rating : 5 This book is a most helpful contribution to Christianity. Seldom has such essential, solid theology been so readable. Washer likens the gospel message to the…

The message of women — creation, grace and gender
Dianne Tidball

The message of women — creation, grace and gender Derek and Dianne Tidball IVP 304 pages, £11.99 ISBN: 978-1-84474-595-1 Star rating : 2 This book explores the teaching of the whole Bible regarding women. It falls into four parts. First…

Galatians for you
Timothy Keller

Galatians for youTimothy KellerGood Book Company208 pages, £8.49 ISBN: 978-1-90876-234-4Star rating : 5 Ever since I first heard Timothy Keller speak in the mid-1990s at a Baptist church in Guildford, I have been struck by his ability to explain and…

Kingdom Come — the amillennial alternative
Sam Storms

Kingdom come — the amillennial alternativeSam StormsChristian Focus (Mentor)559 pages, £19.99ISBN: 978-1-78191-132-7 Reading Kingdom come has been a delight. For those who glaze over at the mention of millennialism, there are two main positions: that Christ comes after the millennium…

Bitesize Biography – John Newton
John Crotts

John Newton John Crotts EP Books, 144 pages, £6.99 ISBN: 978-0-85234-908-3 Star rating : 4 This is another in EP’s Bitesize Biographies series, which served our church well last year, when ‘book month’ promoted the reading of Christian books. This…